MABEX waterslide DECALS and TRANSFERS : CORGI RM scale of model Full set of Decals for a vintage Midland Red MODEL BUS (probably OO scale) in unused condition.

MABEX do not seem to be trading any more, but for many years modellers relied on their excellent range of decals and transfers to add variety to, or bring to life, model buses and other road vehicles.

I bought quite a lot of these in the 1970s and early 1980s when I hoped to construct some whitemetal kit model buses. Alas, my models always failed at the painting stage, if not before, so I didn't use many of the decals I acquired.

It is possible this set came from a whitemetal kit and not Mabex. This selection is for a vintage Midland Red bus, and comprises 15 transfers:

4 "Midland" side decorations of two different styles

the rest are small badges, registration plates, destinations and route number 192.

The decals come on one sheet, with a second sheet of the two more-modern Midland names.

The decals will be carefully packed and sent to you by first class mail. I find this is usually safe and sound, although I can offer insurance for an additional 75p.

I am also selling a some more Mabex decals and a range of Matchbox Toys pocket catalogues from the 1980s so you may like to have a look at my other eBay
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