Seal Line Mac Sack

Two 9 Liter Bags

Brand Spank'n NEW!!!

Similar to the larger ILBE Sack, The famous 9L Mac Sack was designed exclusively for the US Marine Core. This is an incredibly durable special issue compression dry sack affording you watertight protection, designed to withstand harsh and extreme environments.

Now's you chance to LOAD UP! Bid on Two brand New! USMC SealLine Waterproof Bags -- Compact 9 Liter Bags -- You'll be glad you did!

Whether you're a US Marine who needs this waterproof bag to complete your ILBE equiptment, or an outdoorsman planning a white water rafting trip, or even one of our European friends scaling mountaintops and bumming around. -- here's the perfect bag for you!

-If caught in a heavy downpour and afraid your digital camera, or cell phone may be destroyed, thank this 9L dry sack, for bailing you out!

- after slogging about in the wet and mud, this 9 L kit will afford you Dry Socks! And brother that's livin'!

-It’s the ultimate way to stay prepared! Trust the Marines who are uniquely trained and equipped to develop a bag that will get you through hell and high water and home safely.

These dry bags are engineered exclusively for the US Marine Corps to compliment the ILBE gear, this is state of the art equipment!

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