MACEDON. ANTIGONOS GONATAS, 277-239 BC. AE 19. Athena. Pan erecting trophy.

MACEDONIAN KINGDOM ANTIGONOS GONATAS, (277-239 BC). AE 18, (Copper, 4.77 grams, 17.93 mm). Obverse: Head of Athena right in crested Corinthian helmet. Reverse: Pan standing to right erecting a trophy. ANTI monogram beneath. Greek letter Phi in left field. Reference: Sear 6786 Clear portrait with good relief, and very nice reverse. Green patina. A very nice coin! (# 33983-33984) We guarantee this coin genuine and as described. Shipping: Continental U.S: $3.00 insured shipping (First class mail with delivery confirmation). No additional charges for multiple coins. International: $7.00 air mail shipping. (Available: Registered and/or Insured shipping). No additional charges for multiple coins (we consolidate). Sorry, no retail sales to Nevada residents. Return policy: Returns accepted for any reason within 7 days of reception, if not damaged or altered, and with our original label. Thank you for bidding.