Machete/Knife/Harpoon/Spear/Sword/Zombie/Gerber gator/paracord survival kit/FC

--Jayscrafts Foliage camo gerber gator paracord survival kit--

--Also available on BUY NOW with upgrades and color choice--

--Search EBAY item #111278703145 for buy now options--

--My kits are fully assembled in the U.S.A with 100% U.S.A made paracord--

--Aprox. 30+ feet of real 7 strand 550LB paracord with this kit--

--Free shipping represents a $10-$15 value--

High bidders will be rewarded with kit upgrades appropriate to their bid level...

Upgrade rewards go all the way to MAX+

You can also see my fully loaded Maximum kit here.. EBAY item #121246769669

M.S.R.P. for this kit is over $80..

This gator machete is the same as rick uses in season 3 of the walking dead... This kit comes with some of the tools you would need to hunt/fight/build/and survive in the wild.. Now with the awesome Gerber Gator saw back machete. This Gerber Gator is one solid machete that is full tang with a really great feeling bolt down rubber grip. The survival knife and harpoon tip are made for solid AUS6 stainless steel. The survival knife is aprox. 11.5" inches OA and is RAZOR RAZOR sharp. Most of the harpoon tips are also razor sharp but some are just sharp. The harpoon tips are Aprox. 8" OA with a 2.5" blade.. This kit has aprox. 30+ feet of removable 7 strand paracord
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