Machete/Sword/Knife/Flint/Carbon steel/Titanium/Full tang/Zombie/Survival kit

NEW Jayscrafts Classic camo paracord 550 survival kit

One of my very best quality and

sharpest "stock" kits.

Exceptional quality Kershaw camp 18 machete
High quality tool grade carbon steel blade

Near shaving RAZOR sharp

Aprox, 24" OA with a 18" blade
AMAZING feeling Bolt down rubber grip
Super cool looking heavy duty kydex sheath

Kit contents

1- Kershaw camp 18 tool grade carbon steel machete

1- Aprox. 10+" inch OA M-tech extreme

titanium carbon nitride coated 440 stainless steel

full tang tanto knife with spiked pommel

1- 10-1 Compass tool

This 10-1 compass tool packs a bunch of features in

a very small package. It has a Compass,Thermometer,

Hygrometer, signal mirror, bubble level, flint striker,

safety whistle, magnifying glass, tiny ruler

and a low lumen LED light that even

lights up the compass in the dark.

This 10-1 tool fits right into the camo pouch

on the front of the kit for onboard carry.

2- Kydex/ABS sheaths

Aprox. 12 feet of real U.S.A made

7 strand paracord 550

12' feet of P550 can make 80+ feet

of 50LB test in a emergency

All my paracord is made in the U.S.A
Kit is assembled in the U.S.A
Also available in 10 colors
Desert camo
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