Mackenzie-Childs Enamelware Pitcher Aurora pattern new without box

Product # 08 89238 0020 "Step into the kitchen for an escape to our idyllic Finger Lakes farm."Aurora Enamelware is gorgeous all around. Try the 360-degree image viewer below to spin this item around and see it from all sides!Enamelware once brought to mind cowboys drinking bitter coffee on the open range, but we’ve turned that idea on its head, making colorful, fun, and richly patterned enamelware part of everyday living—no campfire required." "After developing our first designs in 1995, and unable to find a manufacturer in the U.S., we traveled to Taiwan and found a production company that was able to work with us to see our vision fulfilled, and that’s where our very first pieces were produced. Our designers continue to train the artisans in partner companies in several countries in the complex, color-dragged hand-painting techniques specific to our enamelware." "Creating enamelware is time-honored and time-consuming process. The production facilities are modern, but many of the techniques developed by the ancient Egyptians—enamelware has been around for that long—are still in use. Raw steel bodies are machine-milled or hand-formed, glazed, and then kiln fired at temperatures of more than 1,380 degrees Fahrenheit. Each piece is coated again with a colored frit-based glaze and refired." "Courtly Check® and Parchment Check™ designs ... read more