Mackie SR1521z Info:
The Mackie SR1521z is a high-efficiency, high output, horn-loaded, 2-way, wide-dispersion, active sound reinforcement system. The SR1521z is capable of emitting blistering waves of crankitude due to its integrated 400 watts of Mackie amplifier power, active electronics, and precision Mackie 15" and 1.75" transducers, all self-contained in a tuned wooden enclosure. That's right, we said wood because wood just sounds better. And the Mackie SR1521z is very affordable.
We've Taken All The Hassle Out Of Bi-Amping
Bi-amplified systems always sound better than passive speakers driven by a single power amp. But few of us can spend the extra money on electronic crossovers and extra power amps. Not to mention all the extra hassle and setup. Our active electronics take all the guesswork out of system configuration and hookup. Just plug in the power cable and the signal line from your board or snake we've already done the rest for you. No need for racks of amps and processing gear when you've got Mackie Active Loudspeakers. And the built-in active crossover sends the optimal signal to each of the internal amplifiers, which were custom designed for their respective transducers.
Four Hundred Watts You'll Swear Is A Thousand
The SR1521z's built-in 300 and 100-watt power amps are pretty impressive all by themselves.

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