MacLellan GHB

MacLellan bagpipes

made 2004

i bought these on ebay a few months ago but have decided to sell to concentrate on my smallpipes. work has been done on the pipes since, carried out by the college of piping in glasgow.

drones; cocobolo wood in chalice profile, brass ferrules, boxwood mounts. rehemped by col of piping. just had light internal oiling.

chanters; one cocobolo wood slightly sharper than bflat, one polypenco exactly bflat.

NEW bannatyne medium size hide covered zipper, fitted by col of piping, unused.

moose valve/trap, new.

reeds; crozier drone reeds, maccallum cane chanter reed (and a mclaren synthetic easy blow reed this however may need drone reeds adjusted)

new rg hardie case with accessories inc. softwood reed protector, stoppers, brushes, pull thru, bore oil.

There's a detailed buying guide for MacLellan pipes here: /MacLellan-Bagpipes-A-Buying-Guide-And-Review?ugid=10000000008834158
The guide describes the drone sound as "powerful, extremely bass-dominant sound, reminiscent of old Hendersons" and concludes that the pipes are "some of the best well-kept secrets of the bagpipe making world".

pipes relisted due to uncompleted private sale .