$1 Macon & Brunswick RR Georgia Bill Men Loading Cotton

You are bidding on a $1 Macon and Brunswick Rail Road Company bill. It was issued in Macon, GA on Feb 1st, 1867. The center picture shows 3 men loading cotton bales on to a wagon. An attractive lady is shown in the upper left, and corn in the lower right. This bill was printed with red, green and black inks. It says "One Fare Ticket Redeemable in Currency" and "Good for Fares, Freight, and all dues to the company". The back has an intricate green design around the word ONE and the number 1. The holes are cancellation marks - this one was used! It has pinholes, edge tears and holes. Another interesting old bill!

MACON, Ga. – Railroads in this central Georgia city date to 1838 when the Monroe Railroad opened between Forsyth and Macon. Macon, partly because of its location, was a major railroad hub and served a connection point between several railroads.

Years after the Monroe Railroad, in 1842 or 1843 the Central railroad was completed to Savannah. The route proved to be an important one because it gave Macon direct access to a key Atlantic port. A later incarnation of the Monroe Railroad, the Macon & Western Railroad, started operating train between Macon and Atlanta in 1846. The railroad later became a part of the Central of Georgia Railway. In 1845, the Southwestern Railroad started building its line from Macon
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