Madame Alexander Doll 1992 "Scouting" Girl Scout RARE

Madame Alexander 1992 "Scouting" Girl Scout Doll RARE

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Madame Alexander "Scouting" Doll. In 1992 Madame Alexander made a hard 8" inch plastic doll called "Scouting" Production was halted on the doll that same year when a license infringement was discovered, but a number of them had already been sold.

This 8 inch Alexander doll is MIB with all tags and registration cards. She even has the cardboard neck brace that came with her in the box. The box would be mint but for a very, very small amount of shelf wear.

This doll has been mine since she was purchased new. She has been stored in my cabinet above the closet in my bedroom. She has never been displayed. We live in the arid California desert which is optimal for owning and keeping dolls. She comes from a completely smoke and pet free home.

Please check back often for my bear and doll
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