Hi and Happy FEBRUARY.....Here I offer you Fantastic and oh so adorable vintage duo by MADAME ALEXANDER DOLLS. They are in Wonderful condition for their ages. They are large babies, approx 22" -23" long, depending on how you hold the legs. Kitten is the oldest of the two. She has very soft vinyl, see pic. 4. She is stuffed in her vinyl. She has the disease that many of these dolls get. her one leg is almost white. She has had a major crotch repair. She is wearing her original tagged dress and underslip. Her hair is soft and shiny, her eyes are bright. PussyCat has the typical Alexander double hair color. Her undercurls are a different shade. Here eyes are the black version, she is missing panties, her dress is original, though I don't see a tag. Her vinyl is firmer. They could use a light wipe down. No odors, momma cryers NOT working. ALSO just added 2 bonus dolls, both in excellent condition, there is an 18" PUSSYCAT and an 18" Baby Dear friend. Both doll have had their bodies cleaned in OXY, restuffed and new Momma cryers in each. This is a Fantastic Vintage doll lot. PLEASE PAY at END of AUCTION. Thanks so much and keep checking back.