MADONNA Erotica Vintage Promo Poster Semi-Nude RARE

MADONNA Erotica Vintage Promo Poster Semi-Nude RARE

14.5 X 20.5 (1992)

This photo was used for a larger format poster, but this is a smaller version of this poster used to promote the single of Erotica. I've always thought that the photo used for this poster caught Madonna at her prettiest. This was produced back when she was really flaunting her sexuality through the Erotica project, and this was one of her sexiest posters. This was a promotional only poster, and t is a small print statement of that fact.

Condition: It is in excellent condition, and has been kept rolled and stored in a dark place since it was released.. I looked this over closely and couldn't find anything to know this down to a lower condition.

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