Madonna SEX book #0539577

This is the English version of Madonna's Sex book. This is from the first series that are numbered. As pictured this one is number 0539577. This book has been kept in good shape. The pages are all in mint condition, no bent corners, no creases, etc. There is however some spirals that are coming loose as you can see from the photos just in the top corner. This does not effect how you can flip through the pages though. It still has the aluminum sleeve cover, but it does show some wear. I tried to show this in a photo, it has an open slit along the side. So, overall its not in mint collectors condition, but is still a rare awesome addition to a bookshelf or a great coffee table read. Its definitely a conversation starter, but be aware the contents are only for adult eyes! Its very artfully done, but true to the title, Madonna bears it all.Thank you for your interest, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.