MAFIA/Mobster MICKEY COHEN 14K Gold Diamond pinky ring

You are bidding on a very rare personal, Star of David, 14K diamond ring, which belonged to Mobster Mickey Cohen. This is a massive, thick solid gold ring with a nice, bright, very white diamond in the center. Cohen was very proud of his religion and displayed the Star of David on many of his jewelry and clothing items. Mickey Cohen always wore the finest clothes money could buy and at one time he even owned his own clothing store. This ring reflects Cohen's true style and elegance.

My father Jim Smith was Mickey Cohen's right hand man. Mickey Cohen was Ben "Bugsy" Siegel's right hand man. After Ben Siegel was knocked off by his Syndicate partners for skimming from the Flamingo, Mickey Cohen took over the mob's West Coast. He took over for Ben and was very successful. "I took over from Benny right away on instructions from the people back east," he said. "Naturally, I missed Benny, but to be honest with you, his getting knocked off was not a bad break for me. Pretty soon I was running everything out "Cohen's famous quote was "I never killed a man who didn't deserve it." Cohen hung around with all of the Top celebrities and political figures. He was very good friends with Frank Sinatra and the Rat pack.

In January of 1972 Mickey was released from the Federal Penitentiary. Jim Smith picked him up from prison and was
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