Mage Knight Dark Riders Pestilence Horse and Avatar Mint condition Ultra Rare

Payment is due at auction's end

Hi and welcome to my auction .

I try and put most if not all info in the title as I take lots of close-up pictures for you to judge the item by.

I stand behind everything I sell and offer a 2 week return policy if you are not happy, as no one can get the 100% feel of touching and seeing in person.

I am the only person who does this from taking pics, packing and addressing boxes. So, I pack in the same manner I would want something sent to me.

I also go the extra mile and provide tracking and insurance for all purchases. If the item ends at less than $50, I self insure, but still track. If over $50, I add USPS insurance. I send via USPS for almost everything except huge items. I try and recycle packing materials and boxes that will fit your purchase. I also buy boxes from ULINE or use priority boxes, if I don't have one that fits.

If you wish to return your item, you must email me within 24 hours of receipt, although you do have 14 days to return.

I will do everything in my power to ship within 1 business day, however, I also run a farm and sometimes I may have a birth (I raise sheep with a focus on registered St. Croix and crosses) that I must take time to deal with. I can work around most anything else on the farm. All I ask is if that happens, you bear with
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