New Magformer Wheels Set and 2 Squares- Make a cool Cruiser with Magformers!!!

This is a set of 2 Magformers Wheel bases that are new in Factory Shrink Wrap. Magformers are sold-out almost everywhere and are not in production either. This would be an awesome addition to your collection!
Please Note:
These wheel bases were created by the Magformers company as part of a larger teachers set. However, when they created them they made the indent on the base that holds the squares slightly larger than the wheel base that is sold as part of a packaged Cruiser set. The squares included in the Cruiser sets have a thin silver trim around making them just a little smaller in the middle so they won't fit on these wheels. For that reason, in case you are purchasing these as an addition for your Cruiser set, I am including 2 squares that fit these bases to ensure compatibility. Once you have a square on each wheel base they can be used with any magformers.
The third photo shows a teachers set wheel base on the left and a Cruiser set wheel base on the right. You can see that the teacher wheel base is a snug fit with the square while the cruiser wheel base has a gap around the inside edges. The squares I include will be random rainbow colors.
These 2 wheel bases can be used to create dozens of different cruisers. I have included 4 photos of cruisers as examples only.
Magformers are loved by both kids
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