Magformers Magnets in Motion 61 Pc Magnetic Construction Set 63205

Magformers are high quality intelligent magnetic construction set for brain development. Magformers provide children with fun filled time that they can enjoy without recognizing that they are actually learning.Magformer magnetic building shapes connect regardless of their position orientation, this is accomplished through the unique ability of the encapsulated neodymium magnets to always rotate to their attraction position when two magformers are brought together . Magformers are entertaining for all ages because of the amazing strength of neodymium magnets. The educational benefits are the quick visual conception of what can be created and discovered with these equilateral shapes combined, either simple or complex. Facts: Colorful Truly easy & simple to use Fun & magical Educational Great gift for 3 yrs to 99 yrs Proven durability High quality and super power magnet High quality ABS plastic Intelligent Magnet rotational technology Have fun exploring with magformers magnetic construction pieces now combined with gears! This 61 piece set features high-performance magnets and includes magformers pieces, gear accessories, and other accessories. Set your creations in motion! Designed for children 6+. Please send a message with any questions.