Maggie Lacono Limited Edition 16" Fully Jointed 1996 Felt Doll Red 93/100

This beautifully made Limited Edition 16" Maggie Lacono felt doll, dressed as Red Riding Hood, is fully articulated, with joints at her neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. She is wearing her original outfit, which includes a lined red cape, which I believe is wool, a long sleeved white blouse, striped (wool?) skirt, white cotton full slip/pantaloon combo,black felt lace-up vest, white knit socks and black felt buckle shoes. She has beautifully painted amber eyes and a medium brown wig, which I believe is human hair. On her back she is signed "M. Lacono c 96". Her cape and skirt are tagged "Maggie Made", and the tag on the back of her cape identifies her as "Red 93/100". She is in excellent condition. The only imperfections I see are a worn spot under her chin and faint pale spot on her left cheek.