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MAGIC THE GATHERING 1 x BLACK LOTUS UNLIMITED Some ware, but overall good condition.

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Black Lotus is often used to represent or promote the game. With the exception of certain special cards printed outside normal sets (such as Splendid Genesis, Fraternal Exaltation, 1996 World Champion, Shichifukujin Dragon, and Proposal), Black Lotus is the most valuable Magic card, especially its Alpha and Beta versions. Former Pro and Magic writer Zvi Mowshowitz has declared Black Lotus as the best artifact of all time, claiming every deck in the history of the game is better with a Black Lotus in it.

The illustration on Black Lotus was painted by Christopher Rush , who was at the time a Wizards of the Coast employee. The Black Lotus illustration is a depiction of a black lotus flower over a foliage backdrop..

Rarity : R Casting Cost : 0 Card Type : Mono Artifact Card Text : Adds 3 mana of any single color of your choice to your mana pool, then is discarded. Tapping this artifact can be played as an interrupt. Artist : Christopher Rush

What can I say this card is priceless. So many first turn combo's so little time
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