Magic CD - Rare Vintage Book Collection of Illusions and Magic


A fascinating read for anyone who has ever wondered how magicians through the ages have captivated audiences whether through sleight of hand in front of your eyes or on large scale stage illusions.

A compilation of books on the subject of magic and illusion from the late 1800’s early 1900’s supplied on C.D in P.D.F format .

The Books Included On Disc:

A Catalogue of Magic Lanterns.

Card Sharpers by Robert Houdin.

Conjuring for amateurs how to perform tricks.

Different Magic.

Fifty Years In The Magic Circle .

Magic and Mystery a Popular History.

Magic and Stage Illusions.

Magic No Mystery Tricks With Cards.

Magic Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions.

Magical Revelations a Book of Exceptional Magic.

Magicians Own Book The Whole Art of Conjuring 1862.

Modern Magic Lanterns.

New and Original magic.

New Era Card Tricks 1897.

Peerless Prestidigitation H. De. Caston 1910

Practical Conjouring. Carl James 1875.

Principles, Instalation and use of Magic Lanterns.

Shaws Magical Instructer.

Si. Stedbbins Card Tricks 1850.

Sleights, Tricks, Moves, Passes. B.Hull “ The White Wizard “

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