Magic Examinable Haunted Bicycle Trick Deck


This is the new Haunted Deck . It can be examined and shuffled . Or if you wish you may barrow someone's deck and simply summom the spirit to do the mysterious magical movments with their deck .

The cards slowly cut themselves and any number of previously signed selected cards move mysteriously out of the pack. You are not stuck with just three cards to do the movement.

Card movements can be done at different times. All cards do not have to move at the same time. One card can move then you can do another illusion with deck and then have another card move later.

You do not have to have cards in your hand to make them move.

Please Note:

Can be done sleaveless and with out a coat, making it great for street magic.

Deck can be used for other illusions before and after the effect.

Deck has no attachment to body causing it to have to be your opening illusion and possibly the only illusion you can do for your audience with out redressing your self.

No cumbersome long set up.

Can be done immediately again when needed for table hopping.

So very easy to do.

No critical angles.

No Threads to break or get stuck .

No Magnets.

Quick easy to learn.

No sleight of hand.

No assistant needed.
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