Magic the Gathering 3109 Card Collection 152 Rare

Magic the Gathering 3109 Card Collection 152 Rare

Listing is for what remains of my Magic the Gathering collection 3109 cards in total. Collection is in great shape only getting rid of because haven't played a game since I got my Xbox 360 2 years ago and notebooks of cards was taking up a lot of shelf space. A few of the older ones show signs of play but the newer sets have only been stored in pages and binders.
The collection includes 152 Rares , 50 Foils ,249 Land (53 non basic), 197 Unhinged, and 2461 Common and Uncommon.
See pics below to get a good idea of what is included. I could not picture all 2461 commons and uncommons so I chose some I thought were good like PATH to EXILE. I did picture all Rares and Foils. If it is pictured it is in the box.
Also 97 are from old sets like revised I pictured all of these.
Also included are 14 extended art unplayable cards from packs that have advertisements on back but still llok cool in binder because the art is so good ( see pic below)

Feel free to Email me with any questions about this collection.

The Rares include and their values are as follows :

Card Name



Akroma, Angel of Fury

Planar Chaos


Momir Vig, Simic Visionary



Mahamoti Djinn

10th Edition
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