Magic the gathering collection lot. L@@K!!! NO RESERVE!

We have a lot of about 13000+ magic the gathering cards. One of us has been collecting for 15 years and the other has been collecting heavily 4 years as well. We have cards from Arabian nights to the newest of dragon's maze. We have 1411 rares and mythics! Some have foils and others don't. This lot contains NO BASIC LANDS!(unless requested), Seven deck boxes that have been played( so not in the best condition but protected the decks wonderfully), one small folder, and fat pack tops of card sleeves random, many of the same type, and oversize cards for the collector person. the cards are a compiled collection of two people that have picked cards from others. So, all range from VG to NMcondition. (the ones we bought are the NM) 90% of the rares are in NMcondition. Most have always kept in binders or card sleeves. There are some cards that have Gold borders from tournament decks from way back when. They are still playable with card selves. These rares are also priced lower than the normal rare. We have a small collection of unhinged and unglued in the lot.Here are some of the higher priced rares and mythics:
Kaalina of the vast
falkenrath aristocrat
olivia voldaren
prismatic omen
restoration angel
deathrite shaman( foil and non-foil)
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