Magic The Gathering Collection, MTG Rare, Mythic, Bulk, AVR, ISD, M13, Others.

I was given this collection as payment for computer services rendered. I would rather have the money even if its not as much as owed, (some is better than none). I went through quickly and picked out what I saw as valuable. There might be ones I missed but I can not account for those. From the ones I picked out they totaled @$150 from Starcity games.
If it was between .50-.75 I counted it as .50
.99-1.75 I counted as $1
1.99-2.75 I counted as $2
2.99-3.75 I counted as $3 and so on just to make my math easy.
Then add on the value of the 15 or so foils and the 1250-1350 commons and uncommons, the dice sets and the box and soon you will realize this is a GREAT value. Note These range from HP-NM. I'm listing it as buy it now in order to sell it in under a day cause I need the $$ so my loss is your gain. !

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