Old Magic the Gathering collection (Volcanic Island's, Force of Will, etc)

Played magic for many years, both as a competitive player and a collector. Recently started my first year at medical school and now have no time to play the game so I am looking to sell my entire collection.
Some notable cards that will be included are Unlimited Volcanic Islands (moderate - light play) Force of Wills Scalding Tarn Misty Rainforest An entire Show and Tell legacy deck and much much more.
The buy list price on SCG was about $2,000 but I don't want to conform to a business when a collector/player would rather have it. Looking to get around SCG buy list for the collection.
Nothing bulk or any gimmicks, just trying to get out of the game and to use the money for college.
Will be shipped bubbled wrapped and taken very good care of, tracking will be included.
If you want my bulk commons/rares etc, new and old, let me know and I will throw the thousands of cards into the deal with the only charge being a little more for shipping, but completely optional.