Magic the Gathering MTG collection, all my cards. Includes Gaea's Cradle

My entire Magic the Gathering collection. I just got these out of my childhood home and plugged in the few packs of Theros I bought. I can't store these any more. This has cards from REVISED to THEROS. It is everything I owned except for one Gaea's Cradle which I put up for auction here. Sorry for the blurry pictures, I'm running to work but promised the wife I'd put these up for sale today.
I can't go through everything and get you a card by card list, but I'll give you an overview. - Approximately 5000 cards .- I played mostly green, so its the dominant color. - Played most extensively from Weatherlight through to Mercadian Masques. - After that, did mostly booster drafts here and there. - Cards are organized by color but little more than that. Pictures show some of the cards I got in the first handful from each section. This is just a random sample. Includes Eladamri, Gaea's Cradle, a bunch of angels, i have more than the 4x mother of runes shown, some rare lands/artifacts, Temple of Abandon, foil Boon Satyr, etc. - Little to no basic lands or foreign cards. I'd say under 70 in total. - Most cards are in played condition, but none of them are really roughed up.
Great place to start or add to a collection. Hundreds of dollars worth of cards here, but I'm not going to catalogue them. I want someone to have fun with these
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