Magic the Gathering MTG Worldwake RAGING RAVINE EX

Up for sale is the item in the eBay title. The picture shown is a stock photo; it is not of the actual card(s) you will receive. Message me for a detailed scan of the actual card you will receive.

Unless otherwise specified in the title, all cards are near mint .

The grading definitions that I use are:

Near mint (NM) - These cards have little to no wear on them. Most look like they have come straight from a pack.

EX - These cards show minor wear from play or shuffling. Some will have crease marks at the top from riffle shuffling; others will have minor nicks on them.

Played (PL) - These cards have major wear from play or shuffling. These are similar to EX cards, but a more severe level of wear. Sleeves are needed to play these cards in a tournament, but they should be indistinguishable from other cards if in a sleeve.

Poor - This is the lowest grade I use for cards. These are in very bad condition, and may or may not be playable in a sanctioned tournament.

Payments : The only form of payment I accept is Paypal . Payment must be received in 5 days or an unpaid item case will be opened through ebay.

Shipping and Handling :

Domestic : Shipping is free for all domestic purchases via USPS. Expedited shipping is available. If interested, contact me for specific rates.

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