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Magic the Gathering worlds Gabriel Nassif World Championship Decks 2004 Theme Deck

Twenty-year-old Gabriel Nassif is considered to be the best player never to have won a Pro Tour TM event. Designed to beat the ubiquitous "Affinity" decks, his blue-white control deck also plays well against anti-Affinity decks. Worlds marked the third time in the season that the Parisian had made it to the final day of a Pro Tour event, and his performance earned Nassif the coveted 2004 Player of the Year award -- a title he will defend vigorously next year.

#Name Rarity Cost 3Exalted Angel R2 Eternal Dragon R3 Wayfarer's Bauble C2 Akroma's Vengeance R4 Mana Leak C3 Annul C3 Condescend C3 Rewind U4 Wrath of God R4 Decree of Justice R4 Thirst for Knowledge U3 Temple of the False God U4 Flooded Strand R4 Cloudpost U7 Island L7 Plains LSideboard 4Purge U3 Pacifism C3 Scrabbling Claws U3 Stifle R2 Relic Barrier U
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