Magic Lantern Glass Slide - "The Crowded Hour" 1925. Bebe Daniels, Frank Morgan

Slide for "The Crowded Hour" 1925. With Bebe Daniels, Kenneth Harlan and Frank Morgan. Directed by E. Mason Hopper.
E. Mason Hopper (1885-1967) was both a director and actor. Films that he directed include "Wife or Country" 1918 with Gloria Swanson, "Daddy" 1923 with Jackie Cooper and "Their Own Desire" 1929 with Norma Shearer. Later in his life, Hopper also had a small uncredited part in the star-studded "Sunset Boulevard" 1950 as "The Doctor."
Bebe Daniels (1901-1971) started out in the movie industry as a child star. One of her early films was in "Wizard of Oz" 1910, starring as Dorothy Gale. When Daniels was 14, Hal Roach paired her with Harold Lloyd for the "Lonesome Luke" series. Lloyd and Daniels became a couple. They ultimately split because Daniels wanted to continue working in more dramatic roles while Lloyd wanted a traditional wife, although they remained friends for the rest of their lives. Daniels worked in noted silent movies such as "Why Change Your Wife" with Gloria Swanson, "Monsieur Beaucaire" 1924 with Rudolph Valentino, and "She's a Sheik" 1927 with Richard Arlen and William Powell. Daniels not only talked her way into sound movies, she sang her way, appearing in musicals such as "Rio Rita" 1929, "Dixiana" 1930 and "42nd St." (1933). In 1935, Daniels moved to England with her husband, actor Ben Lyon and
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