Magic Lantern Slides Landscape Architecture Williams

This is a collection of over 300 magic lantern slides (some Color, mostly Black & White Slides) concerning landscape architecture. They appear to be part of a presentation about the history of landscapes and gardens from 1732 to 1932. The slides were owned by Bradford Williams . Bradford Williams served as the "corresponding secretary of The American Society of Landscape Architects and presided over ASLA national headquarters in Boston. He was past editor, publisher, business manager and the driving force behind Landscape Architecture Quarterly (now Landscape Architecture Magazine). He is now honored by the American Society of Landscape Architects through the Bradford Williams Award for Professional Writing which recognizes superior writing in Landscape Architecture magazine . Most of the images were taken in the 1930s. Most of the slides are unlabeled but depict fountains, sculptures, flowers, benches, walkways and ponds. The labeled slides depict many private gardens across the United States as well as Europe. T are also photographs taken of historic gardens, such as Babylon. T are also several garden plans. Some of the slide boxes are marked by the Trustees of Reservations. These slides are in excellent condition. I believe less than ten are cracked. This is an opportunity to own the personal collection of one of America'

"Landscape architects design the built environment of neighborhoods, towns and cities while also protecting and managing the natural environment, from its forests and fields to rivers and coasts. Members of the profession have a special commitment to improving the quality of life through the best design of places for people and other living things. In fact, the work of landscape architects surrounds us. Members of the profession are involved in the planning of such sites as office plazas, public squares and thoroughfares. The attractiveness of parks, highways, housing developments, urban plazas, zoos and campuses reflects the skill of landscape architects in planning and designing the construction of useful and pleasing projects."

is an inventory of the marked slides:


Plan of the Seat of Jon Penn Mount Pleasant An Estate near Marblehead, Massachusetts Fairmount Park in 1870 Sanford Place, Nantucket King Garden, Nantucket Studio of Harry Payne Whitney (Cracked) Willis K. Daniels Farm, Cornish, New Hampshire Mount Vernon Drawings by A.A. Shurcliff The White Hall, Governor Stuyvesant 's House


Mrs., C. Potter , Southampton , Long Island Garden of Mr. Joseph, Pitkin and Mott, Landscape Architect Manice Garden "Marengo" - Estate of Mrs. J.W. Bigelow , J.W. Sears , Landscape Architect Estate of Frederick Pratt , Glen Cove, Olmstead Brothers, Landscape Architect Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Barbour, Canajoharie, New Hampshire, Helen Swift Jones, Landscape Architect Wild Boar in Bronze, Carl Milles Memorial to H. Goodison Gambrill, Newport Garden at Mannetto Hill Farm Road, Estate of Carl F. Pilar, C.F. Pilar, Landscape Architect E.C. Kronkite , Greenwich, Connecticut Estate of W.H. Albers , A.D. Taylor , Landscape Architect Estate of Harry Payne Whitney, Wheatley Hills, Long Island, Delano & Aldrich, Architects; Leavitt and Olmstead, Landscape Architect Residence of Harold Seaman , River Hills, Wisconsin Longue Vue Country Club, Pittsburg, Janssen and Cocker, Architects Great Fosters, Thorpe Cottage Mrs. Edgar Lockwood , Greenwich Lost Horizon Hotel Stern, Paris , 62 Faubourg, St. Honore Villa Passerini, Bartolommei, near Florence Versailles-Panoramique Garden at Franklin, Massachusetts, Evergreen House Between House and Main Garden, H.L. Muvius, Landscape Architect Estate of Otto Miller, Cleveland , A.D. Taylor , Landscape Architect Garden of Mrs. Childs Draper (now owned by Mrs. Samuel D. Bell , Wallach Point, Stamford, Connecticut), Ruth Dean , Landscape Architect Spaulding, Rochester, New Hampshire Garden of Mrs. William H. Bell, Montclair, New Jersey, Marjorie S. Cautley , Landscape Archi...
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