Magic MTG Modern Merfolk collection, Cursecatcher Master of the Pearl Trident

This is a large set of Merfolk tribal cards suitable for the Modern Format in MTG. Over 150 cards capable of making a traditional creature deck (blue) or others useful for making a milling type deck(blue white).
Included are blue metallic sleeves for a deck and sideboard and a large magnetic blue mana symbol deckbox.
Most everything is in Near Mint condition or very close to it.
Notable cards:
4x Cursecatacher
4x Lord of Atlantis (Revised)
4x Master of the Pearl Trident
4x Silvergill Adept
4x Merrow Reejery
4x Grimoire Thief
4x Cold-Eyed Selkie
4x Coralhelm Commander
4x Wanderwine Hub
2x Thada Adel
2x Sygg, River Cutthroat
2x Wake Thrasher
4x Merrow Commerce
18x Full art Islands (original Zendikar)
2x Full art Plains (original Zendikar)