Magic Online 1x Dark Ascension Complete set w/ Mythics MTGO!

This is an auction for 1x Dark Ascension Magic Online (MTGO) Complete Set including all 158 cards - 1 of each Mythic Rare (12 total), Rare (38 total), Uncommon (44 total), and Common (64 total) digital card in the set. This set is now available for redemption for physical cards! . This is a great way to get the full Dark Ascension set cheap!

You must have a Magic The Gathering Online account in order to purchase this item , and I will contact the buyer within 48 hours of payment (usually 24 hours or less) to schedule a pick up time.

There is no shipment cost because this is a transfer of a digital, online product. Contact me after the end of the auction and I will send my MTGO name, and we can arrange a pickup. I accept paypal only for this auction.