Magic Pen Invisible Ink Vanish Fire Burn Easy Trick WOW

Magic Pen Invisible Ink Vanish Fire Burn Easy Trick WOW

Do you think the "invisible ink" is really exist?
If the handwriting disappear on the paper, I think no one will not believe it.
now, you can do that! !!


There is a piece of paper on the show table, that is a prediction.
Magician let the audience choose a card casually, and remember it(For example 3 of clubs).
Magician take up the paper and open, but the handwriting is not the selection(8 of spades).
With a heat, the handwriting lightly change to the selection!!
Audience couldn't believe what's happened.

There are so many tricks you can done with this pen.
You can create your own tricks!
If you want to do my this trick, you should learn about the 'force' technic of cards.

Description: Package include: Packing and Explanation Video: * Color: Black
* Length: 14.7cm/5.8"

* 1 x Pen
* 1 x Cover
* No instruction

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If you don't know how to do this trick, I will send my detailed video explanation for you.

This is my Youtube demo:


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