The Magic School Bus Readers Complete Collection 20 Bks

The Magic School Bus Readers Complete Collection 20 Bks

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The Magic School Bus Readers Complete Collection includes 20 books 32 pages each

Condition of books : NEW softcovers

Perhaps no books have made it easier or more enjoyable for children to learn science concepts than the Magic School Bus series. Each action-packed adventure focuses on some extraordinary field trip organized by that most outrageous of elementary school teachers, Ms. Frizzle. In this complete collection of every beginning reader in the series, Ms. Frizzle takes her students into a bear cave, up into space, into the eye of a storm, and more, all by means of a magic flying school bus. Carefully researched to provide a strong knowledge base, these imaginative adventures invite readers to expand their understanding of key science concepts while improving their reading skills.


The Wild Leaf Ride , Sleeps for the Winter , Lost in the Snow , Flies from the Nest , Takes a Moonwalk , Arctic Adventure , Has a Heart , Gets Crabby , Flies with the Dinosaurs , Missing Tooth , Rides the Wind , In the Bat
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