Magicians Magic Billet Changing Ladle

Really cool magicians accessory, The Billet Changing Ladle is so innocent in appearance, that it canbe used for some incredible mental effects. The apparatus resembles alarge wooden spoon. You collect paper slips in the spoon. Being open and exposed nobody will ever suspect the prop can be used as a changing device. Yet you can change the contents in the ladle in an instant. Use it with paper slips, currency notes, coins, or similar flat objects. This is a mechanical prop, made in wood, velvet lined, and handsomely polished. It comes to you with instructions, and several ideas for its use. It measures 28 cm in overall length, the handle is 17 cm. The box is 10 cm x 10 cm.

This is a handsomely polished, velvet lined wood prop, like a large spoon. It is used to collect paper slips, bills or similar items. The prop permits you to change these items in a very clean manner, making possible some amazing mental magic. With many ideas for its use.