Magnavox battery radio that works with R3B horn speaker

This radio works! It has 5 201A RCA or cunnigham radio tubes and all of them are good. It is from the 20's and it ran off of batteries back then. I have a little KIT battery supply that you can plug into a wall socket instead! If you want it you can have it but I will tell you that it has some issues with the voltage for the B+ supply. It works fine it's just that the voltage marked on the pins don't match the voltage coming out. It works fine though, you just have to hook the radio up to the terminal marked for 135VDC and it will give it what it needs. I can not tell you why but I never did mark the wires from the radio that went to the battery supply so you may need to trace the wires to make sure you hook it up right. If you are a novice and have no experience with this type of radio then I strongly suggest you find a person who is a pro at these things to hook it up for you. You can ruin the set by messing up and hooking the wrong wires up to the wrong voltage.

You are getting the following items with your purchase:

1 Magnavox TRF receiver working good

5 RCA/Cunningham globe 301A tubes all good.

1 R3B Gooseneck horn speaker fully opperational and in good cosmetic condition

1 kit battery radio power supply

If you bought these items sepperatly you would pay well over $300.00
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