Magnetic Display Cabinet Case for 72 Zippo Lighters

Magnetic Zippo Lighter Wall Display Cabinet

Holds 72 Zippo Lighters

Mahogany Finish Frame with Black Fabric

This hand-crafted display is unique from all others. Not only will it shield your lighters from dust and curious fingers, it utilizes powerful magnets to securely hold and display your lighters against the velvety soft, Black colored crushed velvet fabric. Your lighters only come in contact with this velvety material. I've minimized the depth of the shelves to maximize the visibility of your lighters and maintain perfect alignment. This display measures 18 1/2" wide by 23 1/2" tall. The display can be held in any position including upside down and face down without the lighters falling out. T is no risk of lighters falling when the door is opened. If your lighters stick to magnets, they will work beautifully in this display.

This is a premium display. T are other Zippo displays available on the market but none like this. If you don't want to hide your lighters in a tray embeded in foam or use another style that puts your lighters at risk of falling out or hitting the glass, this is the display you want.

This Magnetic Display holds 9 lighters across by 8 levels high for a total of 72 lighters. It holds the regular 2 1/4" x 1 1/2" Zippos as well as the slim style. The top row will
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