Magnetic Kids Words 3 sets - Grammar, Sports & Games, Our Planet Earth

New opened packages, but unused. 3 sets of Magnetic Kid Words from Learning Magnets Inc. -

Includes main set of Color Grammar Words- 200 ( common words pronouns, adjectives, articles, etc). Additional 1 set of Sports & Game words -52 words and 1 set of Our Planet Earth - 52 (common objects and science words additionally). Thin magnets with printed colored words on front. Can construct many sentences, use for sight word practice, place under pictures for ELL instruction, spelling practices, grammar basic sentence construction, speech therapy, beginning reading recognition and prediction, etc. Also could use with Autism students for non-verbal communication and other speech therapy activities. All pieces and the original paper front of the packages ( they came in a plastic wrapped piece within these front colored cardboard parts). Includes a plastic container box to keep the words together and clean. From Non-Smoking home.

Returns not accepted without buyer paying for return shippage and forfeiting the initial shippage fee as these are over 300 magnets ( while thin) they are weighty and the postage refund would be high.

Refunds only for damaged product in shippage. Sorry no APO mailings.