Magnificent Lg Formal Tablecloth & 12 Matching Napkins Linear Design 63" x 125

This is truly a beautiful set not only in design but in the fabric as well. I have listed it as new because it has never been used. However, I want to say that it's vintage since I have owned it for over twenty years. There are no identifying makers tags or fabric content labels. My best guess is that it's Rayon. It has the most silky/satin feel to it. It is cream in color with a boxed linear design. It measures 63" width and 125" length (over 10 feet). The napkins (12) measure 19" x 19" square.

It has been stored away all these years in a protective enclosure. As it has never been used there are no stains, nor are there any tears, rips, holes, etc. There is however the slightest odor simply from being stored away. Laundering will certainly remove any residual odor. Again, this is a large size tablecloth that is absolutely beautiful in perfect condition.

I have been a collector of various items for more than 30 years. I also pride myself on taking very good care of my possessions. I am downsizing like most people do as they get older. My collection includes a good deal of linens which I intend to list a good amount of on ebay in the near future. Please check back periodically, you may find something you like. Thank you for taking the time to look.