MAH JONG Set, Bone 50/50 Bamboo, Vintage Wood Case w/ Folk Art Decorations rare

MAH JONG Very Old Set, Bone 50/50 Bamboo, Vintage Wood Case w/ Folk Art Decorations MAHJONG
This auction is for one vintage set of Mah Jong playing equipment, in the original wooden storage case.
The case is formed of wood with dovetail joints, with a separate front panel which slides vertically to open.
Case size is 6.25"Height X 9.5"Width X 6.5"Depth. A few small portions of the inlaid sections appear to have been lost over time, and these areas were repaired or replaced.
The exterior of the front, sides and top is adorned with inlaid hand-carved decorations of brass metal and an unknown hard white substance. The top handles are brass.
The wood front panel has a small horizontal area where the wood shrunk, or a sliver has been lost.
The five wood drawers have two with the original drawer pulls and fasteners, one with the original pull held by a small screw, one with a screw only, and the fifth with no puller at all.
The tiles are all present [see photos], and are composed of bone and bamboo in equal potions. The bone is hand-carved and colored.
Tile size is approx 1.1875" X 0.8125" X 0.50" on average, but some are slightly larger due to their hand-made nature.
Of the items in the accessory drawer, only two dice are in the small wood dice box. Also, the top of the wind disc
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