Mahmoud Farshchian: Divine Manifestation Art Print # 69

Rare Art Prints Collection Divine Manifestation ( Ashura ) by Mahmoud Farshchian Art printSKU# 2/144, Divine Manifestation ( Ashura ) By Mahmoud Farshchian, This is an authentic and original (not a photocopy, replica or facsimile) art print in lithograph from scarce art book plate, in very good condition with full plate impression, this copy of the masterpiece is very suitable for framing, extremely scarce and rare.

Condition: Very good, beautiful art print in size 13.1/2 X 19 inches w/border on high quality card-stock plate. Beautiful gift and display for office, home and business. Sold unframed

Description: Master artist Mahmoud Farshchian ( January 24, 1930 ) is a world renewed Iranian Master of painting and miniatures. He was born in the Iranian city Isfahan a place famed for its art and artists, and it was here where he started to learn art and painting. His masterpieces have been hosted by several museums and exhibitions worldwide. He's the most prominent modernizer of the field of miniatures, an art form which was first established in China and later spread along Iran and other Middle eastern countries.