Mahogany Dining Table and 2 Chairs, Tell City

This auction is for a solid mahogany drop-leaf, extension table, and two chairs. The table and chairs date to the 50âe(tm)s. Two extension leafs are included. The table and chairs were acquired from a family estate and have been well cared for and cherished for years. They were manufactured by the Tell City Chair Company of Tell City , Indiana . Tell City Chair manufactured quality, unique furniture in the US from 1865 to 1996.

The table is in very good condition, has its original finish, and has only a few marks. It has character, and cannot be purchased at a discount furniture store.

For its size the table is very light weight and folds neatly (drop-leafs down) to 26-inches long by 40 ½ -inches wide. With the drop leafs up, the table is 61-inches long by 40 ½-inches wide. Fully extended, with the two leafs installed, the table is 82-inches long. Ideal w space is at a premium, the table can be arranged to seat 2, 4, or 6 people, or used as an 82-inch buffet table. The table is very versatile. When not needed, it can be tucked away in a very small space.

The center leafs were never used; and, after over a half a century, were first unwrapped, checked for damage (they are perfect) and installed in the table. Because the leafs were never used, they are a shade darker than the table.

The chairs
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