Beautiful Mahogany GILMAHN Piano & FREE piano stool

An absolutely beautiful GILMAHN Piano for sale! Suitable for any grade, and a lovely family piano.
Deep Mahogany wood with Gold plated trimmings. Piano varnished, and kept in Excellent condition over the years.
The piano was bought for myself to complete my Grades 6-8 as a youngster, however due to an upcoming long distance move, I am unable to take the piano with me.
This piano has been dearly loved, and is cleaned weekly, so there are no tarnishes or stains on the body, There are 3-4 very small scratches on the sides, that are not visible, from the piano being moved into the house.
The piano plays exceptionally well, with beautifully weighted keys and stunning clarity and tone. It has not been tuned for approximately 2 years, and I have taken this into account with the selling price.
I am also giving the piano stool away along with the piano. It also is mahogany wood, with a soft velvet cushioned top, and storage space for piano music within the seat.
This piano was bought for £2,500 and is in excellent condition.
Buyer must be able to collect