MAIGON DAGA Pottery Sculpture Toad Frog Shiny

I am friends with Maigon Daga's daugher and she has asked me to help them sell the remaining pieces from his studio and home. These were family or studio pieces and have never been sold before. Please check back as I will be adding pieces on a continuous basis.

This piece is a Maigon Daga Frog Toad. The sculpture stands 3.5" tall from bottom to top of head. It measures 4.25" in length from rump to Nose tip. This is done in the Daga's signature earth tones with a sheen to it. Sits on a great round rock that looks like a lily pad. T his is signed. His animal works are quite sought after so is your chance to get an original that has not been outside his studio.

Maigon Daga emigrated from Latvia to Australia w he trained, then settled in the Minneapolis/St Paul area in the 1950s. Daga is recognized for his arts and crafts and modern forms as well as superior, organic, earth tone glazes. Maigon Daga died in 2001.