US V-Mail HQ Btry, 83rd Div Arty (Vilshofen, Germany) APO 83, NY

US V-Mail letter (you can see the silver in it) --- letter is to Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ginter, Northeast Knott Avenue, Portland 12, Oregon --- from Lieutenant Roland E. Smith, Headquarters Battery, 83rd Division Artillery, A.P.O. 83, c/o Postmaster, New York --- A.P.O. 83 indicates that the writer is in Vilshofen, Germany --- letter is uncensored

Letter is dated Third from Passau and begins, Dear Ruth, Lyell, D & D --- the writer says, his earlier letters "[l]eft you in Regensburg on the Danube. From there we followed the famed river to this town of Passau." --- he describes, "Passau is an old town that is bounded by rivers on two sides - the Danube on the North and the Inn on the South."

He reflects, "Of course the town has over grown its two bounding rivers but the old and original Passau is limited to that small area." --- he adds, "I got over into Austria for an hour or so - but you wouldn't be interested!" --- signed, Love, Roland; DARK STRIP ACROSS BOTTOM OR SIDES IS THE PLASTIC HOLDER IN THE SCAN

Money back guaranteed if stamp(s) and/or cover(s) is/are not to your satisfaction. IF SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, ALL ITEMS OVER $50.00 MUST BE SENT BY REGISTERED MAIL ($13.65 USPS Fee in addition to the $2.50 s/h charges). These additional postal fees must be paid for by the winning bidder.

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