Maine Lobster BUOY w/Flag pot bouy float shrimp crab Pool Tiki crawfish 16005

Why bid and lose when you can Buy It Now ?

This heah is a real working Maine

Lobster Trap Buoy: Yellow Black and Pink

The buoy for sale is the one in the first 3 pictures. The last picture shows how you can display a bunch on the fence, and they are listed here (or will be shortly).

This is an "Offshore" sized buoy:

buoy length 13, diameter 6 inches

and 24 inches overall, not including the rope !

This buoy has a "flag" to make his buoy easier to spot in the large waves offshore.

It is shown settin' on an old wooden lobstah trap, but the trap does not come with it.

Anothah way of saying that is "THE TRAP IS NOT INCLUDED!"

Some people think they ahh buying a wood lobstah trap foah $9.00!!!

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The "pointy" end goes in the water first :>)

This is the grandkids ice cream money so Buy Now! :)

On Sunday when we can't haul traps, we take them "buoying" and they row ashore to pick up lost buoys

This in perfect used condition. Not one of them "replica" buoys made in China or somewheyahh "from away". You could go fish this tomorrow mahhnin, ifn you had a trap (and license)! You ahn't gonna get a good old Maine Lobstah trap float or buoy from somewheah like Iower ohh New Yawk; this heah is the real McCoy, and
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