Majestic Radios of 1940 about 50 models of Radios, and Early PrewarTelevision

More items this week from Alan Douglas extensive collection of catalogs and paper. Many of these were reference materials for his books.

This is a large format book of more that 40 pages in two colors showing Majestic Radios of 1940.

There are a lot of strange looking Art Deco radios here - about 50 models of table, console, portable, Record-Player combinations, and prewar Television Equipment. It's a little large for my scanner but I will do what I can to show you the idea. It is quite impressive!

Some models shown in large size are: 130, 130R Scout, lM40W, 250W, 651W, 65lEBl, 2069EB, lA59, 6511, 1A50F, 5TO, 2A50FM, 4PWO, 260, 360, 1BR50B, 2C60, 3C70, 3C80, 3C90 (Weird)!, 2C60P, and many more radios.

Television 180, 182, and two large pages of Dealer Displays.

This book is something else!! Copyright date is 1939.

I've never seen any of these sets and I was born that year.