Nice Majestic Tombstone Model 15 vintage radio/ working

This offering is for the awesome looking Majestic Model 15 tombstone radio pictured. It was purchased recently at an auction featuring vintage radios, phonos, and other related vintage items consigned by several collectors. I am offering it now so someone can enjoy listening to it regularly or add it to their collection; either way, you will not be disappointed in you are the new owner!! The attractive cabinet has inlaid incising around the perimeter in the front. The dial case shows nicely and the three original knobs have ornate fronts on them. The arched corners are nice and add a great flair to an already great looking radio. It powers up nicely and does receive signals clearly (when holding onto the bare end of the antenna wire). There is a chip of wood off the right side top can see it in one of the side pictures. A little walnut Old English would go a long way toward hiding it completly. As the metal label states, is is a superheterodyne. Other paper labels are pictured for you as well as a good close up of the speaker. I loved it when I saw it on display prior to the beginning of the auction and I am pleased to offer it to you on eBay!

Dimensions are: 13 1/2" wide' 15 1/2" high; 9 1/2" deep; weight is 30#.

Payment is by PayPal and is expected within 24 hours of the close of the auction.

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