Pretty/Old Majolica Leaf Plate, 9" with Very Nice Multi-Colors

Beautiful and Old Majolica Multi-Color Leaf Plate, 9" approx.

I have many art pottery/ art glass/ collectibles/ antiques/ majolica listed on eBay from time to time. We guarantee NO reproductions of any kind. Please

This begonia leaf tray, ca. 1880s has beautiful colors and is also in very good condition as I did not find any hairline or crack but it has 4 small repaired chips to the back of its rim. Like most antique majolica, it has some crazing and discoloration. This majolica is being offered in as is. Please disregard the lighting glares.

Winner agrees to pay for shipping costs of $10.95 which includes shipping & handling (about $7.95), insurance (about $3.00) and tracking .

No International bidders please.

More Information:

While some sellers would leave the cleanings to the buyers, we prefer to wash and clean almost all of our pottery for two reasons. One is to find out if there is any hidden defect so that we could state it in our listings. Two is to provide a better service to our buyers because many buyers may not have the right tools and experiences to clean them especially those that have repairs. They may damage the items while cleaning them or cause problems in the future (never use bleach). We pride in disclosing everything we know and caring the items that we sell.

We posted the following issue here because we have recently received so many similar inquiries that we finally decided that it is more efficient to discuss it here than replying to individual e-mail. Pardon us if you are not concerned about this issue:

We have been collecting majolica for decades and started to sell them on eBay since 1998. Since then, many collectors and dealers asked us a simple question: If the majolica has defects such as small chips, is it better to buy a repaired one at high prices or without repair at lower prices. We can't answer such personal question. However, we almost always buy the ones that were repaired because the fees of repairing them is getting higher and higher everyday. More importantly, collecting majolica is for personal pleasure and we try to enjoy every piece we buy even if we sell them later. Saving a little money for an item that doesn’t look pretty such as having visible chips is definitely no fun. Therefore whenever we have a choice, we always buy the best or better ones. Sometimes when the pieces have small damages, we almost always have them cleaned, touched-up, repaired or restored before we sell them. Repairing pottery is expensive nowadays, from $75.00 to over $100.00 an hour with a minimum charge regardless of how small the defect is (plus shipping, handling and tax, of course). Cleaning and repairing a small chip could cost more than $40.00 easily**. So we retain a studio artist to save us as much his regular fees as possible. We then pass the savings to our buyers. We hope our buyers would appreciate our efforts and care of the items that we sell.

**We were told that to repair a chip, the procedures are: clean the area, let it dry, fill the area, let it dry, polish the area & clean it, let it dry, match colors, paint the area, let it dry, paint it again if necessary, let it dry, glaze the area, let it dry and complete. With so many steps, that’s why it could be very expensive to repair a small chip.

Thanks and good luck.

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