Make a Corpse DVD -Halloween Dead Zombie Prop FX How To

Special FX artist Christian Hanson presents "Make Your Own Scratch Built Corpse" DVD.
This easy to follow guide takes you step by step through his new, original methods for creating a realistic, gruesome rotted corpse prop. Everyday, easy to find materials are all that's needed to make a mummified corpse that rivals those in Hollywood! 2 hours of corpse making maddness!
*Make a gruesome corpse head for under $5
*Create teeth in minutes
*No plastic skeleton needed
*All supplies available from local stores
*Designed for non-artists
*Easy to follow steps

From the back cover:
Your Hosts: Dr. Neurotic, Lula the Jungle Cannibal Girl, Igor and Boompira
"Dr. Neurotic (FX artist Christian Hanson) and his cast of weirdos show you an innovative way to create a film quality, realistic corpse prop. Designed for non-artists, using easy to find items, this DVD shows horror fans, haunted house owners, film makers and fx artists how to make a low cost, high impact scratch built corpse!"
"Christian's dvd "Make Your Own Scratch Build Corpse" is a wonderful video text book on how to make a realistic skeleton out of common materials.
-Dick Smith, Academy Award Winner, Makeup FX innovator
Shipping: $4.95 within continental US, $5.95 Overseas

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